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Welcome to the KIDPOWER Montreal media ressource pages.

We offer valuable information for people on how to protect oneself and ones loved ones from most violence, abuse, bullying, harassment, molestation, assault and abduction in ways that are effective, practical, and empowering.

Visit our press review to learn more about our previous media coverage.  We can offer valuable information for a wide variety of medias : magazines, newspapers, radio, web-based news, and television.

KIDPOWER experts are available for interviews.

Common topics include:

    •       How to teach younger children to be safe with people without making them afraid.

    •       How to balance the increasing need for independence of older children and teens with keeping them safe.

    •       How to take charge of your personal safety when someone threatens you or tries to cross your boundaries.

    •       How to prevent most attacks before they start.

    •       How to advocate effectively for the well-being of yourself and others.

In addition, we are happy to give permission to use articles and quotes from our website or publications with :

  • prior permission

  • acknowledgement of our organization, and

  • contact information so people will know how to get in touch with us.

We have photos, sample press releases, and quotes that media resources can use for their stories.

When a tragic or upsetting story hits the news, parents and other caring adults often react in fear, which can lead to their children becoming worried or even traumatized. Instead, adults can learn to do the following which will keep their loved ones and themselves safe most of the time :

  • stay calm

  • create effective safety plans for their families, organizations, and schools

  • to practice skills for themselves and the young people in their lives

Press review

Montreal Families Magazine
Article : Septembre 2007

Journal le Progrès Villeray
Article (French) : La Fondation Pleins Pouvoirs encourage l’empowerment
June 10, 2007

Barreau du Québec
Recognition Prize from the Bâtonnier du Québec
April 10, 2007

Journal Montréal Express
Article : Prévenir l’intimidation
September 12, 2007

Émission J.E.
Dossier : enfants disparus
Septembre 14, 2007

Test J.E. : cours d’autodéfense pour enfants
Septembre 14, 2007

More to come:

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