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KIDPOWER of Montreal is a charitable educational organization founded in Montreal in 1996. We are part of KIDPOWER International™, founded in 1989. KIDPOWER teaches people of different ages and abilities to be successful in learning and practicing personal safety, self-protection, confidence, and advocacy skills. Empowerment and success-based learning are an integral part of our teaching methods.

These People Safety skills prepare individuals from all walks of life to prevent and stop most bullying, abuse, assault, and abduction, and to advocate effectively for their own well-being and that of others.

KIDPOWER Montreal has trained and educated over 30 000 children, teenagers, adults, people with special needs and seniors from many different cultures in and around the Montreal area. KIDPOWER International has served over 1 000 000 people around the world.


Our Services are...

  • Developed to work well for the different life situations and ages of our students.
  • Designed to be upbeat, effective, safe, emotionally supportive, and hands-on.
  • Tailored to fit the specific needs of your family, circle of friends, daycare, school, organization, community center or business.
  • Adapted for people who face special physical, emotional or developmental challenges.


Participants in our workshops can learn to...

  • Be and act aware
  • Project an attitude of confidence
  • Recognize and take the power out of emotional triggers
  • Set appropriate boundaries with people they know
  • Stay out of reach of people who might cause problems for them.
  • Use their voice, stance, and body language to escape threatening situations
  • Protect themselves from name-calling and verbal attacks.
  • Use conflict resolution skills to de-escalate a confrontation
  • Deal effectively with bullying and harassment
  • Say “No” (effectively) to their friends and peers
  • Persist until you get the help you need
  • Use physical resistance when all else fails by practicing simple, effective self defense skills
  • Defend against threats, emotional pressure, and bribes
  • Make safe choices
  • Act responsibly while respecting others 



You can learn more about our wide variety of services and workshops.

If you are interested in taking one of our Montreal workshops that are open to the public, click here for our current Montreal Public Workshop Schedule for kidsteens, or adults.

If you already know what workshop you want to join and are ready to register, please use our Montreal Public Workshop Registration Form

If you are interested in setting up a workshop for a daycare, school, city, community center, business, social service agency, or other group in your community, please read about Organizing a Workshop.

We also offer unique opportunities for unique people to become a KIDPOWER certified presenter or instructor.



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